It is my desire to provide top quality service to the dressage rider and horse in training, instruction, showing and sales. I work very hard to help riders achieve their goals both at home and in the show ring and to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy!
~ Sabine Baron Wright



We offer a full service program that consists of a combination of training rides, ground work, lessons, and rest days scheduled to best meet the needs of both horse and rider.

  • Full & Partial Training
  • Personalized training programs for individual horse and rider
  • Instruction and training for all levels of horses and riders from beginning through FEI
  • Assistance, coaching and horse preparation at the horse shows
  • Trailer in students are welcome
  • Full Grooming services are available which includes all aspects of horse care. Grooming, bathing, tack up and untack, turnout, blanketing, exercise services, supplements and medicines if needed
  • Assistance in selling your horse
  • Offering accompanied buying trips to Germany where I have established long standing relationships with trainers, breeders and sales barns.